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Books on the history of WW1Military and Naval History

As well as books on matters pre-WW1 the first two categories of Military History and Naval History include books spanning periods that are not limited to major conficts, for instance ' the history of the submarine'.

Other catalogue names are self-explanatory.

We occasionally buy a single subject collection which may warrant its own subsidiary catalogue. Such a collection is also likely to be listed in 'Featured Stock'.

Military History Naval History
Air Force Army
Far East and Pacific
General Holocaust and War Crimes
Home Front Intelligence and Code-breaking
Navy (RN General)  
RN Coastal Forces, Clandestine Naval Ops. and Landing Craft
RN Patrol Service, Mines and Minesweeping
Occupation, Resistance, Sabotage and Espionage
Politics and Major Biographies POW's and Escape
Rendering Mines Safe and Bomb Disposal
Weapons and Scientific Research  
Military and Naval post WW2  



The ABfaR Blog

A recent contribution on the ABfaR blog is an update for the 75th anniversary in February this year of the raid which led to the installation of an 'immediate danger' air raid warning in 1942, a warning which sounded like the call of a cuckoo. Prior to that was a brief piece about Georgette Heyer's An Infamous Army with illustrations of the maps from the 1st edition for those reading later editions without them.



Lowestoft Ephemera

I maintain another site called Old Lowestoft. It is a collection point for various ephemeral items of local historical interest. Buried within that site is Letters from Lowestoft, a collection of letters of local Lowestoft war news written during WW2.

For information about the 1916 German bombardment of Lowestoft during WW1 you can find the full text of my family's account of the bombardment on the 'Old Lowestoft' site.

Latest stock additions

I'm adding new stock as time permits, usually only 20-30 books at a time.

I have managed to add a couple of posts to my blog but little else.

I have continued buying interesting stock when it has been offered and I still have a Georgette Heyer collection waiting to be processed.

In the meantime please watch this space!


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