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We published the website 'Resources for Book Collectors and Booksellers' on the domain in the mid 1990's.

It was a collection of book buying and selling resources and links before the existance of Google or any of the other major search engines.

The domain name still exists but the site it is now redundant and at present all that remains is this page.

If there was a particular resource there which you can find nowhere else and which you still find useful do let me know and I'll try and help. Please let me know via the mailform below left.


Latest stock additions


Our latest stock additions include some interesting early 1950's Chalet School titles which you can find at the following page on Antiqbook. For the boys there are a couple of early Biggles titles, Biggles Flies East (1935 1st edition) and the Third Biggles Ominbus (1941 reprint) both in nice dustwrappers.



Lowestoft Ephemera

Local history buffs in north east Suffolk may be interested in another site called Old Lowestoft. It is a collection point for various ephemeral items of local historical interest, very much 'work in progress', but a major item which has been completed is a collection of letters of local Lowestoft war news written during WW2.

For information about the 1916 German bombardment of Lowestoft during WW1 you can find the full text of my family's account of the bombardment on the 'Old Lowestoft' site.

The ABfaR Blog

We had Lady Kitchener and her husband Julian Fellowes at the 'Kitchener' in Lowestoft recently for our AGM.

Although Lady Emma is our patron they really are both tireless supporters of the Centre as well as very entertaining. See the report in the Blog.

A recent article is a review of the WW2 memoirs of a British Naval Officer. 'A Passage to Sword Beach' covers so much more than an account of the journey to the Normandy beaches and is a real gem of a book. We also have a copy for sale.

Also in the blog is an appeal for help. Someone must know what PAD stands for in relation to ordnance in WW2. Please read and let me know!

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