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We offer our grateful acknowledgement to the following sources:


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    Jane Aiken Hodge: The Private World of Georgette Heyer
    Vincent Brome: J. B. Priestley
    Ivor Brown: J. B. Priestley
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    Richard Usborne: Wodehouse at Work
    Charles Kiddle: A Guide to the First Editions of Edgar Wallace
    Lofts and Adley: The British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace
    Margaret Lane: Edgar Wallace The Biography of a Phenomenon
    A. J. Smithers: Dornford Yates - A Biography
    Richard Usborne: Clubland Heroes

.......and authors own autobiographies


    The Clique: Annual Register of Book Values 1989-99
    Dawsons: Book Auction Records 1967-94
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    A. and C. Black: Who was Who 1897-1980
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    L. G. Pine: The Author's and Writer's Who's Who
    The Wordsworth Dictionary of Biography
    The Times Archives
    The Dictionary of National Biography well as the books by the relevant authors in our possession or which have passed through our hands.

We would also be pleased if those who copy our work would at least acknowledge their source, especially those who contribute to wikipedia.

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