Naval reference lists

Because we are based in Lowestoft, where both the headquarters of the Royal Naval Patrol Service, HMS Europa, was established in WW2 and also the RN Coastal Forces base HMS Mantis, we have a special interest in further information about all these aspects of WW2 and have also put the names of those listed on the RNPS memorial online so that relatives further afield can view the details.

Lowestoft had three further naval bases during WW2, HMS Minos, HMS Myloden and HMS Martello which we hope eventually to cover as well.

To help others with similar interests, especially those researching family histories, we have compiled reading lists of all the references we have come across which are set out on the following pages:


Royal Naval Patrol Service - History of the development of the Service as well as anecdotes, memoirs, etc. of the experiences of its personnel, accounts of the development of mines and of minesweeping, sources when attempting to identify vessels, etc.

RN Coastal Forces - References to the experiences of the personnel of Coastal Forces both at home and abroad, in the day to day patrols and in special Operations.

Unexploded Bombs and Rendering Mines Safe  - the Army was responsible making safe unexploded enemy ordnance, the RAF for dealing with our own bombs and the Royal Navy for mines even when on land.