Book Sale update


Presentation to East Coast Hospice

As a result of the book sale a cheque for £445.08, two thirds of the proceeds, was presented to Angie Buxton-King, the principal fund raiser for the East Coast Hospice at their London Road North charity shop in Lowestoft, on the afternoon of Thursday 5th December, the day of the storm (which incorporated the tidal surge) as you can see from our windswept appearance.

With Angie and me are Linda, the shop manager and several of those who helped to raise the money at the sale. After the presentation we all dashed off to try and get home before being cut off by the rising water level of the sea or the rivers and broads that surround us. Sincere thanks to all those who helped but who were not able to join us for the presentation, and also to the book-buyers whose money made the presentation possible!

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