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Derek J. K. Sims, RIP

We had a somewhat erratic early childhood both of us being witness to domestic violence. Many years later I asked him how much he remembered of that and he said ‘quite a lot’ but we never otherwise discussed it. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Lowestoft Record Office

Now that the Lowestoft Record Office as we had come to know it has closed and the start of the transfer of the contents of the strong room to Ipswich is imminent, it makes one wonder how the decision makers … Continue reading

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Kitchener’s 2020

We are constantly amazed to find that some Lowestoft people do not realise that we exist. 2020 will be our 101st year of catering exclusively to ex armed, merchant and emergency service men and women (some longer than others), with … Continue reading

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Time for a coalition

The negotiations with the European Union are too important to be left to one political party and it is surely time for all parties to share their expertise to reach the best deal for us. The Conservative Party is not … Continue reading

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Amazon Marketplace and VAT

Amazon Marketplace sellers registered for VAT are missing a trick by not saying so. I sell books and I am registered for VAT. Because books are zero rated I don’t have to charge VAT but because I am registered I … Continue reading

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Lowestoft WW2 Cuckoo postscript

With the 75th anniversary of the raid on 1st February 1942 fast approaching it is perhaps time for a brief postcript to the piece I wrote on Lowestoft’s ‘cuckoo’ air raid warning. Please read that first if you have not … Continue reading

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Georgette Heyer’s ‘An Infamous Army’

In the original 1937 edition of Georgette Heyer’s ‘An Infamous Army’ there is an ‘author’s note’ in which she refers to the bibliography at the end of the book listing over fifty accounts, collections of letters, autobiographies, etc. of Wellington … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Electoral Commission

As one who had voted to remain I was disappointed with the result in June of the UK referendum to leave the European Union (Brexit) but was philosophical enough to accept the opinion of the majority and was prepared to … Continue reading

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Lowestoft’s life-saving ‘Cuckoo’ alarm in WW2

The 1st February 2017 will be the 75th anniversary of a tragic incident which took place in Victoria Road, Lowestoft in 1942 during WW2, when  a mother and her two children were killed by a German bomb. Their deaths, however, … Continue reading

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Let’s abolish stock images

The older I get the more grumpy I become about ‘stock images’. When buying second-hand books on the internet I like to be able to read an accurate description, which includes details of all the faults, and also view an … Continue reading

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