Right Hearty Greetings!

rt_hearty2We internet booksellers spend much of our time in cataloguing, that is examining and describing the books that we have for sale, and a diligent cataloguer will always riffle through the book to make sure firstly that all pages (and if applicable, illustrations) are present but also to check if anything has been left in the book.

A recent discovery reminded me of an interesting article some years ago by then ibooknet colleagues Brenda and Mike Brown, of Brown Studies, who wrote in the ibooknet newsletter about the items they had found in books, usually as bookmarks. My recent discovery was probably also used as a bookmark but as it is of a more topical nature, being a Christmas card, I thought it the right time of year to share it with you.

It is a little grubby and creased, and appears to have what used to be called a ‘scrap’ (used to fill blank spaces in Scrap Books) added to the top corner. It is undated but probably Edwardian and expresses similar sentiments to those I feel towards all my readers and customers so that I, too, can cheerfully wish you all ‘Best wishes for a Bright Christmas’ and ‘Right Hearty Greetings!’

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