Time for a coalition

The negotiations with the European Union are too important to be left to one political party and it is surely time for all parties to share their expertise to reach the best deal for us.

The Conservative Party is not the exclusive home of able men and women in politics and someone needs to start thinking along the lines of what is best for the country. The Labour Party has said that they are prepared to reach a consensus on decisions.

More statesmanlike thinking is needed. A party which tries to hang on to power by cosying up to a fringe potentially divisive minority group is beyond belief.

For goodness sake will the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties please start talking to each other about a coalition. As well as the Brexit negotiations there needs to be decisive action to save our NHS as well as preserving our security. Members of both major parties need to think country, not party.

There are 101 other things I should be doing rather than setting out the above but nobody in power seems to be thinking straight. Someone needs to state the obvious.

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